Our Product

Innovations run in our team's spirit because we know every client has different challenges and needs. Our objective is to always meet client's requests in leveraging their businesses.

These are some works that we have created and we are continuously improving them.
  • Andalabs Mobisuite Premium Service
  • This software is created as a solution to fulfill the need of Mobile Content Providers as well as to improve Value Added Service of Telecommunication Operators.

  • Mobisuite Corporate
  • Technology can also help your corporate to build its image. This Customer Relationship Management based software will be able to support you in communicating with your loyal customer while building your image.

  • Blumity
  • What is the function of Bluetooth for you? Transferring data, music, images? Is that all? Now you can maximize utilizing Bluetooth to improve your Marketing plan. By using this Bluetooth Proximity Marketing, a brand could reach its nearby target audience (Location Based Marketing).

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