About Us

    Andalabs is an IT company that focuses and keeps improving itself in the planning and development Mobile Internet technology field since it was established in 30 November 2007 and is supported by experienced and expert teams.

    Andalabs is a partner has been trusted by its clients and partners to provide innovative solutions to be implemented in the Mobile Industry.


    Fully committed to deliver best results in every given tasks, Andalabs is progressively improving the technology to the maximum level especially in providing software and services for Mobile Industry. The goal is to be a local Mobile Technology company with a professional working ethics hence it will be able to compete globally.

    Moreover, Andalabs always give its best efforts to maintain a solid team, motivate each team member and to improve their abilities thus each individual will have similar objective: to give best result in every task. This is to ensure that every products and services are delivered in a good quality to all clients.

  • We, in Andalabs love what we do. We are individuals with young at heart spirit, good skill and competencies in our expertise.

    We are the main capital of Andalabs besides the sense of belonging and commitment to keep the creativity and competitiveness in each developed products and services.

  • A good product can be analyzed by the way it is processed; maximizing provided resources is one of the parameter, not its price.

    In order to support the Government's program to expand and utilize Open Source Software; and with a good knowledge in producing scalable, flexible and competitive services and solutions, Andalabs utilize Open Source Software to create its products. This is to show that Andalabs understands the need of budgeted solutions as well as to express that Andalabs cares to the growth of Information Technology Industry in Indonesia.

  • Does your company need a solution to compete in the Mobile Technology industry? Andalabs is the right answer to your company needs. icon aboutUs large

    Andalabs does not only provide solutions but also creates new and innovative ideas which can be developed to be accurate and flexible Value Added Service (VAS).

    Please do not hesitate to contact us to consult your needs.